About us


    Hangzhou A-gen Biotechnology, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer committed to providing high quality
disposable medical plastic consumables used in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic labs and life science
research labs. Our core staff has extensive experience in research and development of life science
plastics and produces the most innovative environmental and user friendly laboratory consumables. All
of our products are produced in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with class
100,000 clean-rooms and on-site testing laboratory. Our dedication to excellence in manufacturing
practices is ISO13485, ISO9001 and CE certified. To ensure the best quality that meets or exceeds
industry standards, we use only the highest quality virgin raw materials to make our products. We
utilize high precision numerical controlled equipment and our international R&D work teams and prod-
uction managers are of the highest caliber. 

    Hangzhou A-gen Biotechnology’s product range is quite broad ranging from robotic tips for automated liquid handlers, micro-centrifuge tubes, DNA/RNA extraction columns and
collections tubes, PCR strip 
tubes, reagent bottles, to deep well plates, assay plates, reagent savings reservoirs, and micro-platemat caps as some examples of the standard
repertoire. All of our products 
are certified free of RNase,DNase, protease, pyrogens and endotoxins. All products must also pass a rigorous quality control testing procedure
developed by our science and engineering specialists before
entering the market. 

    We continue to expand dramatically in domestic and international markets via distributors promoting our own A-gen brand and strategic OEM partners. Our relentless efforts
in striving to always completely 
satisfying our customers has earned praises and positive comments about our strong R&D capabilities, production management, quality control,
qualitative products, and professional 
service. We pride ourselveson our communication abilities and promise that every order will be met professionally and in a timely 

manner. Our quality is not just met by our products but also by our relationship we strive to have and to keep with our customers. A-gen Biotechnology’s objectives and development
goals are to provide quality products and services to our customers worldwide as we endeavor to become a major global supplier of laboratory supplies.

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